The Story of the Kittens

One morning we woke up and found that our backyard had been taken over by a litter of kittens. A feral mom had decided that our house was a safe place to raise her family. After a few days of watching them play we decided that our backyard wasn't big enough for Rosie and a family of kittens. So the kittens had to go.

Have you ever tried catching 5 little kittens who didn't want to be caught? Andy and I (and Rosie the kitten hound) spent a good couple of hours chasing around the backyard trying to find and catch them, one by one! Halfway through the adventure, Rosie, in her enthusiasm to chase kittens, decided to take a short cut and dived right into the pool (at the deep end no less!). Alas no pictures of Rosie swimming, we were too busy rescuing her.

Eventually we got them all packaged up and shipped off to the animal shelter where hopefully they can find a good home.

Here's some pictures. Click on any of the pictures to start a slide show.